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Wedding dress alterations by Kim Marcel ensure that your dream wedding gown fits you flawlessly!

With over 35 years experience in Bridal Couture and working with designers like Grace Loves Lace, Kim's expertise will have you feeling confident and looking stunning on your special day.

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Wedding Dress Alterations

Alterations are a crucial part of the wedding preparation process. These are adjustments to your wedding dress to ensure it fits you perfectly and you look gorgeous on the big day.

It's essential to start wedding dress alterations well in advance of your wedding day, as they can take several weeks depending on the complexity of the changes needed.

Bridal alterations to a wedding dress hem


Adjusting the length of your dress is one of the most common alterations. Depending on your height and the style of your dress, the hem may need to be shortened or lengthened.
Your chosen shoe height is also very important when it comes to hemming.

Wedding dress alterations measuring to take a dress in or let it out

Taking In or
Letting Out

If the dress is too tight or too loose in certain areas, we can take in or let out the fabric to achieve the perfect fit. This is often done around the bodice, waist, hips, and thighs.

Wedding gown with a long train in need of alterations to add a bustle

Adding a

Wedding dresses with long trains often require a functional bustle option. A bustle allows the train to be lifted and secured for ease of movement, especially during the reception. The type and style of bustle can vary depending on the dress.

Strap Adjustments

If your dress has straps, they can be adjusted to ensure they stay in place comfortably. Straps may need to be shortened, lengthened, or repositioned.


We can customise your wedding dress by adding or removing sleeves, shortening, and taking them in to fit your arm beautifully, or even removing them entirely to create a different look.


Some brides may want to add or remove embellishments like lace, beading, or sequins to customise their dress. This is a more intricate alteration that requires careful attention to detail.

Neckline & Bodice Changes

For brides who want to alter the neckline or bodice of their dress, our skillful couturiers can make these modifications while maintaining the overall look and style of the dress.

Bra Cups

A very important area of your dress is the bust, this needs to fit you precisely so you can feel comfortable and confident.
To ensure there’s no gaping of the bust between your body and your dress we can add in bra cups to provide support and enhance the fit and silhouette.

Why Do I Need Alterations?

Most wedding dresses are not custom-made and are ordered based on standard dress sizes. However, every person's body is unique, so alterations are often necessary to achieve the ideal fit. We will adjust and pin your gown to mould around your body for a perfect fit.

Wedding dress alterations often involve multiple fittings to ensure that the changes are made correctly. The final fitting is crucial to make any last-minute adjustments and confirm that the dress fits perfectly.


We're available to answer any queries you might have about our wedding dress alterations but we've also listed some common questions and answers below.

How much do alterations cost?

Alterations for your wedding dress vary not only in price but in complexity. The alteration/s cost may depend on if you have a slimline gown or a layered full skirt. General alterations to most gowns include the hem, bustle and taking in or slightly letting out. As a guideline plan to budget between $350 to $1000.

What kinds of alterations are you able to do?

We specialise in alterations and customisations to bridal and events wear. These alterations can include resizing, hemming, bustles, taking in or letting out bodices, waists and hips, adding bra cups and shoulder strap adjustments to achieve the desired fit and look.

What do I need to bring to my alterations appointment?

Plan to bring to your alterations appointment along with your wedding dress plan to bring your shoes that you’ll be wearing on the day of your wedding, bringing a different pair with the hope you’ll find the same height heel can jeopardise your hem height. Also, bring your bra and any shapewear as this is crucial to mould the fitting of your wedding dress. 

Can you take my measurements to purchase a dress online?

Yes we offer a professional measuring service, simply make an appointment and we will give you all the required measurements. There is a fee of $45.

Where are you located?

We are located in Brisbane, our studio is located in the beautiful coastal suburb of Wynnum. When you book your appointment you’ll receive our address. 

How long do alterations take?

Plan to book your alterations appointment as soon as you know the day you’re receiving your wedding dress. Alterations can take up to 6 weeks depending on the time of year (wedding season) and our availability. Please always enquire for fast turnarounds because we are here to help you enjoy a stress free part of your wedding.

I've purchased a dress but it’s too big or too small. Can you help?

Absolutely we can help! We understand that wedding dresses are ordered many months ahead of your wedding and that your dress is usually a standard size. Most gowns purchased from bridal stores have adequate seams to take in or let out dresses up to the next size. We are here to ensure you look your absolute best on your wedding day! 

Are you able to customise my dress with extras?

Yes we can! We can design with you extras like sleeves, overskirts, We also can customise your wedding dress by adding sleeves, skirt overlays and alter neckline shapes.  We can design customisations within the limitations of your dress design, but will always offer solutions to suit.

What if my wedding is soon?

Yes it’s possible for you to still get your dream dress altered! Even though we ideally like 6-8 weeks for wedding dress alterations, we have scheduled our bookings to allow a few spots for quicker turnarounds. Please book an appointment or contact us to discuss today.

What if I’m not happy with my alterations?

Your satisfaction is our priority and we’ll work with you to achieve your desired results!  Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any queries about your alterations so we can help rectify them for you quickly. We’re here for you!

Still have questions?

Please contact us you have ANY further questions, we'd love to chat to you about your needs.

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