Pattern makING

Pattern makER for
fashion design.

Not just a pattern maker! we create digital patterns of your designs and present them to you on a true to life-sized 3D fit model. Adjustments to your garment are made in real-time and all before a single piece of fabric is cut!

Save time and money on costly garment sampling and fit sessions and get your product to market sooner!

Kim Marcel with a tape measure around her neck and her hand on the shoulder of a mannequin

2D Digital Patterns

Send your designs instantly to manufacturers anywhere around the world!

Traditional pattern making techniques with the very latest digital design tools to create 2D patterns of your designs.

3D Fit Models

We can create true-to-life 3D fit models in any shape or size that you need, and the best part is they're always available!

You can use an industry standard size model or we can replicate your brand measurement chart.

3D Samples

A sample garment of your design is created on your virtual 3D fit model and a video showcase and images are sent to you via email.

Live feedback can also be provided via a video call with screen sharing to make any fit changes in real-time!

Fit Sessions & Tension Maps

Fit sessions that are virtually effortless!

Adjust the fit, fabric, and style of the garment in real-time, providing valuable insights into the final product before physical samples are produced.

Tension maps specify how the fabric stretches and deforms based on the movement of the garment and by gravity.

Product Development

Developing your designs has never been so easy!
Get your product to market faster than ever.

No more waiting for samples in the post or time consuming back and forth with overseas manufacturers.

"Turn your vision into reality".

Pattern Grading

We can precisely grade your designs to align with your brand and customer size measurements.

Accurately creating your perfect size range.

Our Process

We provide a full service process for the development of your garments, from the initial vision through to final hand over.

We can assist you in all stages, up to being manufacture ready.


Design Consult

Together we discuss your ideas and concepts and go over your designs. 
We chat about how we can help you develop your product and any services you may require.


Digital Patterns

Based on our initial discussions during the design consult, we begin creating the digital patterns for your designs.



We keep in touch with you throughout the entire process and include revisions to allow for any tweaks or changes that may be required along the way.


3D Sample

Using the digital patterns we create a 3D garment of your design which can be viewed on a 3D fit model (avatar) or a ghost mannequin.


Virtual Fit Session

Virtual fits of the 3D sample are emailed to you, followed by a mini fit consultation via video call with screen sharing for any last minute adjustments to the design or fit.


Hand Over

Once you’re satisfied with the final result, we package up your DXF file and any pdf patterns, jpegs, video’s or tech packs that you had requested and email them all directly to you.

the wedding dress of your dreams, for the event of your life!

Bridal gown designing like you’ve never seen before! Have you ever had the vision of your individually designed dream wedding dress but would like to see it on your body shape before your expensive fabric is cut? We create your dream dress on a personally sized avatar created closely to your body shape all before you have to decide on the final design.

With 30 years experience in bridal couture we utilise European traditional pattern making & sewing techniques to create your individually handcrafted wedding gown.

We have transformed the traditional pattern making techniques into today’s high tech world of digital patterns and 3D fashion design.

How does 3D fashion design bring your gown to life?

  • Visualise your design on a personally created avatar to your body shape
  • Before we cut any fabric see the design, fit & shape of your gown 
  • Add fabrics, lace and motifs to your design for a virtual design of your dress.
  • Make changes to the neckline shaping, skirt, train length, sleeve length and shape can be adjusted in real time. 
  • Expert design consultation 
  • you will be guided along the way to make your vision a reality and you don’t need to shop for hours. 

Make Your Vision a Reality!

Join the growing number of fashion designers who are choosing sustainable 2D/3D digital pattern making and 3D avatar sampling.

We absolutely love to work with established brands, start-up designers and one off bespoke designs. So what are you waiting for, let's grab a coffee & discuss your next beautiful creation!

Schedule a call to see if we're a good fit!

This image is of the 3D avatar in a beautiful red, orange and pink spotted dress with loose baggy sleeves beside a real life model wearing the finished product.
A headshot image of Kim Harris from Kim Marcel.


Kim Harris

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