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Bridal dresses are more than just garments, they are a symbol of your unique journey and a one-of-a-kind expression of your love story, that we tailor exclusively to you.

We invite you to schedule your appointment now for a truly personalised bridal couture experience.

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wedding GownS of your dreams,
for the event of your life!

At Kim Marcel, we know that your wedding gown is one of the most intimate, exciting and emotional decisions you'll make.

Our dresses are 100% Australian made and designed at our Brisbane studio by couturier's with over 30 years of experience in traditional European techniques.

"I believe there is a gown for every bride that truly reflects her unique style and personality,
it's handcrafted, timeless, and cherished forever."

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Creating your couture bridal gown is truly a once in a lifetime experience! We bring your vision to life by creating a one-of-a-kind bridal dress that's truly personalised and fits you perfectly.

Kim’s 30 years of expertise in couture allows her to deliver an unforgettable experience for every bride on her special day. With our expert designer and couturiers, we're elevating the art of bridal couture.

Let’s bring your dream to life....


Our couture bridal gown experience is a truly memorable and exciting way to create the gown of your dreams.
Our wedding dresses are the epitome of luxury, and modern beauty.
Our fit embraces your body and celebrates your unique shape with the elegance of a timeless silhouette.


Using traditional couture artistry in the design and creation of your wedding gown, we pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail. With exquisite craftsmanship and the use of the finest materials, we create bridal dresses that are truly exceptional. Our fit embraces your body and celebrates your unique shape  with the elegance of a timeless silhouette.


We specialise in providing you with a highly personalised service to create your custom-made wedding dress.
Each bridal gown is a unique creation and our goal is to make you feel truly special on your wedding day.Our fit embraces your body and celebrates your unique shape  with the elegance of a timeless silhouette.

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We're available to answer any queries you might have about our couture wedding dresses but we've also listed some common questions and answers below.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes appointments are necessary. We are a small studio and offer a personalised service to you giving you our undivided attention for your design appointments or fitting your wedding dress.

Can I bring a large party to my appointment?

We love having your friends and family at your appointment, however our space can only accommodate up to 2 other guests. We also suggest facetime for those who are unable to make it to your appointment to let them enjoy your moment, like grandparents or overseas friends and family.

What is the average price of a Kim Marcel bespoke wedding dress?

The cost of a KIM MARCEL bespoke designed wedding gown can range greatly depending upon design, fabrics, trims and embellishments. We work with you to design and select your fabric to work within your budget. Couture wedding dresses range from $2500- $8000.

What if my wedding is soon?

Yes it’s possible for you to still get your dream dress! Even though we ideally like 6-9 months to create your wedding dress, we have scheduled our bookings to allow a few spots for shorter time frame wedding dress orders. Please book an appointment or contact us to discuss your wedding dress and timeframe.

Will I need alterations?

Not at all, your wedding dress is perfectly made for you! Considering wedding dress alterations for an off the rack dress can cost up to $1000!! Why wouldn’t you have your gown uniquely made for you?

How long will my appointment be?

Our appointments are for 30 mins, this allows enough time for design details, fittings and those all important photo opportunities to record your unique journey.

Do you have samples to try on?

Because we are a bespoke made to measure service offering individually designed wedding dresses we do not have samples for you to try. We work with you to design your dream dress to bring to life the inspirations of design elements you love to transform it into your dream wedding dress uniquely designed for you.

How do payment work once I have decided on my dress design?

After you have decided on your design we will give you a written quote. To place your order for your wedding dress we require a 50% deposit, on your 2nd fitting appointment you’ll pay 25% and when you pick up your dress the final payment will be charged. We offer direct deposit, Paypal & Square payments. PayPal allows the pay in 4 payments for each scheduled payment for your convenience.

I have ordered my dress! What happens now?

This is the exciting part, your hard work is done! Leave the rest to us. When you order your dress we schedule your complete fitting appointments from start to when you pick up your gown. Your appointment schedule will include 4-5 fittings, these fittings include;

Your 1st fitting, your toile (pronounce twahl, a calico fitting) this allows us to see the fit and design lines are perfected. 

Your 2nd fitting is in your lining with all the adjustments from your toile before we cut the precious outer fabric. 

Your 3rd fitting, this is where you see the magic of your dress come to life. Your outer fabric is on your dress and you’ll need your shoes so we can make final adjustments.

Your 4th fitting, this will either be picking up your dress or checking any final adjustments.

The 5th fitting, if this is necessary you’ll PICK UP your dream wedding dress, ready for the event of your life!

Where are you located?

We are located in Brisbane, our studio is located in the beautiful coastal suburb of Wynnum. When you book your appointment you’ll receive our address. 

Still have questions?

Please contact us you have ANY further questions, we'd love to chat to you about your needs.

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